Want to submit your music to us, well here is your chance. For a small fee, you can choose to submit your lyrics, songs, instrumentals, or anything music related to us. We will review your music and/or give you written feedback. There will be 2 people reviewing your music- a representative from APZ and 1 random music professional ( it could be one of the following: a major/indie label A&R, a major/indie publisher, a major producer, a major songwriter, a music journalist/blogger, a DJ, or a music supervisor/or other licensing specialist.). Also, if we hear something that is placeable, we will contact you and put it on hold in our database for any future opportunites.


We also are offering consultation services to artists, producers, songwriters, managers, and publishers. With the consults, you will be able to ask any questions about music, the music industry, music business, etc...you also will get more in depth feeback on your music, ways to help you better your craft, *guest passes to varies industry professional panels/seminars/classes, we will try to help you fix your music, *direct you to key people that may be able to help your career/craft and more. Basically a consult is your all access pass for you to be able to talk to/meet a real industry professional and play us all of your music.


Once we have received your payment, you will be emailed a password in order to access our submission page within 24 hours. This page will provide detailed information for you as well as access to our submission form. The submission form must accompany your submission because on this form you will have a space to put your contact information. There are no additional hidden fees once paid, only GA state tax which is 6% and there are no third parties involved. You will recieve an invoice from us via PayPal, we accept all forms of payment and currencies.


*Legal notice: Any and all submissions are property of the submitter. APZ does not own any rights to nor will APZ sell or license the submitter's musical compositions without submitter's written consent.

Submission fees are the following:


- Major or Indie label submission without feedback: $10.00 per submission




- Major or Indie label submission with feedback: $15.00 per submission




- Sync/Licensing submission without feedback: $8.00 per submission




- Sync/Licensing submission with feedback: $13.00 per submission




- Feedback Only submission: $5.00 per submission



Consultation fees are the following:


- 30 minute online: $40 




- 1 hour online: $80 




- 1 hour in studio or other location in the Atlanta metro area: $120 ( 1 free submission to us will be available with this purchase only) 

*Recording session in the studio with Kandi or other professional requires an additional fee




- 1.5 hours in studio or other location in the Atlanta metro area: $180 (3 free future submissions to us and access to other industry professionals will be made available with this purchase only)

*Recording session in the studio with Kandi or other professional requires and additional fee




-6 hours in studio (which includes recording in a professional studio) or other location outside of GA but within the USA : $400-$600 pending location (easy payment arrangements , 10 free future submissions to us or to any of our partners/contacts, access to other industry professionals, studio time with Kandi and another professional will be made available with this purchase only) -Please contact us before paying for this option.






*All online consults are available thru Skype, FaceTime, Google Chat, TeamViewer, or Facebook Chat.